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Brokerage, Property Management, & Community Association Management

Wright Real Estate, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company providing exemplary service in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, investment, and property management.  We have years of experience behind our company and take pride in providing above and beyond service to our clients and the community.  We look forward to helping you meet your real estate goals!

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers in the State of Colorado.



Property Management


We pride ourselves in our proactive approach to property management.  At Wright Real Estate, Inc., we understand how important it is to protect your investment.  You have worked hard to make the investment, it is imperative that you have someone you can trust to maintain and manage it accordingly.  We offer our owners a hands on approach.  Through your secure web site login, you have instant access to any information regarding the property, including any maintenance repairs requested or required and financial statements.  We  will also provide monthly statement of income and expenses, along with an annual statement for tax preparation purposes.  We are constantly abreast of any changes in local, state, or federal changes to landlord/tenant laws.  We also provide 24 hour maintenance with competitive contractor prices so you can enjoy the fruits of your investment without having to be worrying about it at all times.


We firmly believe in properly maintaining your investment.  By keeping up on maintenance and repair items, along with keeping the property in quality condition, we believe you will attract quality residents and get the most income for your investment.  We have a thorough and exhaustive screening process to ensure that only qualified residents are being accepted.  We also believe that education is imperative to help residents understand the proper way to maintain a home  Especially when you are in an area that rents to first time tenants, often times it is lack of knowledge that hurts your investment.  We truly pride ourselves in educating our tenants on how to properly maintain a home and be a good member of the community/neighborhood.  We offer our tenants a multitude of literature and resources so they know they have the information available to them to be informed residents.


Brokerage and Real Estate Services


We are happy to provide with our full service Real Estate Brokerage services, including all aspects of buying or selling your home, investment, or commercial property.  We are strong believers in the investment of real estate, and understand the complexities of our current market.  We are here to keep you informed and help you with every step of your purchase or sale.  We have personally invested in real estate, so we realize how important your purchase or sale is.  Especially in our current times, the real estate market, including lending and appraising, is truly changing on a daily basis.  You can rest assured that your agent will be on the forefront of these changes, so you can go through the process with peace of mind.